Recital Info

Our Next Recital is on Sunday, July 22nd, at 1:15pm

Everyone's welcome to attend, friends, family, current and former students alike. If you're not currently in lessons, do feel free to bring your instrument and have a go at as many of the pieces as you remember! Recitals last about 1 hour to 1:15 in length. If you arrive early, please help set up chairs and arrange the snack table.

If you are performing in the recital, please leave a contribution in the bag on the snack table, your contribution will help to defray expenses for the day (recitals are an optional event only for students who wish to participate, and as such, its cost is not bundled into class tuition.)

The contribution for participating group students is $10, or $15 if you are a soloist and/or attending the pre-recital warm-up.
Guests may attend for free. Thank you!

Students please bring one thing to share at our reception: a snack, a drink (if you bring wine, please bring a corkscrew if necessary), napkins, cups, paper plates, or flowers for the piano or snack table.

We will start the recital on time. If you arrive late and you hear someone performing, please wait until you hear clapping to enter the room.


939 Eighth Avenue, buzz #202 or #307 for entrance to the building.
Subways A, B, C, D, or 1 to 59th Street Columbus Circle.
Room 4A, 4th floor.

When arriving at 939 8th Avenue, please buzz #202 or #307 to gain access to the building. Please take the elevator or stairs to the 4th floor. Students may enter our room at 1:00pm and warm up (if there is no one in the room and you're early, feel free to go on in, but if there is someone using the room, please wait until 1:00pm.) Sorry, no practicing in the hallways. If you would like to practice before the recital, it's best to make time before leaving for the recital, or go to the 3rd floor office to see if there is a room you may rent for a while.

Beginners & Recital Advice

If you’re currently in the Beginner class, and we’ve made it through Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star or further, you are welcome to play in the recital with the other group students!  On the day of the recital, take out your instrument, and immediately come to the piano to be tuned up. Be sure to pick up a program, and come to the stage when you see a piece that you know. We usually go through each piece in order from beginning to advanced, with the exception of Twinkle, which we play at the end of the recital. Try to memorize your music, or if you need music, you must print it out and bring it—there will be some music stands available for use. Petite students please stand near the audience, and taller students, please stand towards the rear. If you’re using a music stand, be aware that the audience wants to see you—please do not raise music stands so high that it blocks your violin and head from the audience!

Preparing to Play a Solo

Students with 6 months of lessons (or more) are encouraged to prepare a solo for our recitals. Please know that playing in a recital is not about being the most advanced, but more about gaining experience that will help you to develop confidence. Playing in recital will help you become a well-rounded musician. When we give to an audience, we receive much in return; this exchange benefits us all.

Please plan your solo early. Students should rehearse with our accompanist well in advance of the recital date, and schedule at least a few private lessons—you'll want to be as prepared as possible to make the most of the day.

Group Repertoire

With this next recital, we'll be doing something a little differently. Individual classes will have their "Class Solo" that will be only played by that particular class. So below you're going to see a list of "Class Solos" and the group that will be performing the piece, and also a list of pieces that everyone can perform together.

Book 2


Book 1


Class Solos (Piece only to be played by students in particular class.)


Soloists & Ensembles

Deadline for selecting a solo is one and a half months prior to the recital date. Students deciding last minute to play will have to wait until the next cycle unless one has been working on the piece privately for some time. Students wishing to play a solo must have, as preparation, at least two private lessons on their recital piece, and one rehearsal with our accompanist!

Soloists and ensembles, please be in touch with your Title and Composer for the program. Please note your warm-up time right before the recital, warm-ups will be held in room 3C on the 3rd floor. We have very limited time before the recital, so please come into the warm-up room ahead of time and take out your violin - be ready to play right at your start time.

Nigel, Humoresque, Dvorak
Bob, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, Mozart
Jing, Gavotte in G Minor, Bach
Maggie, Concerto No. 5 in D, Seitz
Samantha, Hunters' Chorus

If you're playing a solo and you're not on this list above, please be in touch NOW! Soloists should practice with Connie (our pianist) before the recital: cccomposer1 [AT] Soloists should check with Connie to make sure she has the accompaniment part for your piece. If she does not have the accompaniment for your piece, you will need to bring it with you.