Recital Info

Next Recital: TBA Online!

Our next recital, if the current situation continues, will NOT be canceled! WE SHALL HAVE OUR RECITAL ONLINE!

How is this possible???

It is my intent to provide all students with accompaniment recordings. From there, soloists may perform live from their homes, or provide a pre-recorded video. Our group classes may play together as pre-recorded synchronized video. Group students will have to wear headphones when creating a recording, so that the accompaniment isn't recorded, as the piano accompaniment will be overdubbed once everyone has submitted their video.

Everyone's welcome to attend our online event, friends, family, current and former students alike. If you're not currently in lessons. Recitals last about 1 hour to 1:15 in length. It is my recommendation that we have an online reception after the performances via the same chat room, so please prepare yourselves some snacks and open a bottle of wine, or beverage of choice.

If you are participating in the recital, please Venmo a $20 contribution to "stringschool" - this fee will be used to enlist a professional pianist to record accompaniments, and to cover the costs of preparing our video performances for online viewing. Attendees are free of charge, and the more the merrier, you may invite friends and family from all around the globe if you wish!

Beginners & Recital Advice

If you’re currently in the Beginner class, and we’ve made it through Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star or further, you are welcome to participate in the recital with the other group students!  On the day of your recording, or online recital performance, please tune up - if you need help, I will be available before the recital to assist you. The program will be distributed via email, or made available during the chat session. We usually go through each piece in order from beginning to advanced, with the exception of Twinkle, which we play at the end of the recital. Be aware that the audience wants to see you—please do not raise music stands so high that it blocks your violin and head from the camera!

Preparing to Play a Solo

Students with 6 months of lessons (or more) are encouraged to prepare a solo for our recitals. Please know that playing in a recital is not about being the most advanced, but more about gaining experience that will help you to develop confidence. Playing in recital will help you become a well-rounded musician. When we give to an audience, we receive much in return; this exchange benefits us all.

Please plan your solo early. Students should rehearse with our accompanist well in advance of the recital date, and schedule at least a few private lessons—you'll want to be as prepared as possible to make the most of the day.

Group Repertoire

Some classes will have a "Class Solo," this piece will be played only by students in a particular class. Above the list of "Class Solos" are the group songs that everyone may play together, these songs are listed by book number.

Book 1


Class Solos (Piece only to be played by students in particular class.)


Soloists & Ensembles

For soloists, selecting a solo should be done 1 month prior to the recital date, over the next week or so, an accompaniment recording will be made for you to play along with. Deadline for submitting a pre-recorded video is 10 daysbefore the recital date, this is so all solos can be cued up and group performances merged into one video.