Private Lessons

Schedule a private lesson if any of the following applies to you:

"I missed a class."
"I'm going to miss a class."
"My job made me miss a class."
"I wish to play a solo in the next recital."
"I have practiced a lot and am wanting to show off what I've learned."
"I have been lazy and not practiced."
"I have kind of practiced—definitely not as much as I should have been."
"I have been on vacation, and I tried to practice between margaritas, it didn't go so well."
"I am having troubles with my piece(s)."
"I am not having any trouble with my piece(s)."
"I have a blank spot in my schedule."
"I am super busy and don't have time for anything but work."
"I am scared of having a private lesson."
"I am not scared of having a private lesson."
"Holding the violin is killing me."
"The sound of my violin is beautiful."
"The sound of my violin seems to be attracting Mothra."

Private lessons are a great way to work through your music and technique as each lesson is focused on you. If you would like to play a solo or other work in recital, these lessons will help prepare you. If you are a group student and have missed class, a private lesson can keep you up to date. Also, if our group class schedule is impossible for you to attend, private lessons can keep you on track with your studies until the next session begins (usually a lesson weekly or every other week will keep you moving forward so you may re-enter class at the next level.)

If you have missed class and wish to have a make-up lesson, a 40 minute lesson is usually enough time to go through the major points of what we had covered in class. Longer lessons are suggested for students who are more experienced.

How to Schedule a Lesson

New Students: As there is limited space for students wishing to have only private studies, students from outside this program should complete 4 months of group classes, and demonstrate a high level of commitment, before applying to only study privately.

To schedule a lesson, please see the calendar below, on it you'll find times marked "Open Lesson", these times are available for private lessons. Once you've found a time that you would like to have a lesson, please email to schedule the lesson—you'll receive a confirmation in a day or two. If none of the calendar times work for you, let me know what's good for you and I can see if it works in my schedule as well. Please swipe up or down to move the calendar forward or backward in time, also, it is not possible to alter the calendar, you must email to request the lesson time.

Be Prepared

Beginner students who are not yet reading out of a book may prepare what we have been playing in class.

Students who are reading, bring your music. To make the most of the lesson, prepare questions, and identify places in your music that need help.

With advancing students, bringing a photocopy of your piece(s) can allow for notes/suggestions to be written by the teacher as you play—you may then take this copy home for review. Students are encouraged to take notes, either directly to the music at hand, or in a separate booklet.

For advanced students, arriving prepared is to utilize the lesson to its potential. So please do your best to learn as much as you can on your own, and work out fingerings and bowings to the best of your ability prior to the lesson.


Unless otherwise mentioned, private lessons are held at:
452 W. 47th, Apt. 3b, between 9th and 10th, Manhattan

Included Lessons

The "Included" private lesson that is bundled with your course must be used before the last class of the session. Unused lessons are not forwarded to future sessions. Scheduling early on is recommended as lesson times do fill, especially near the end of each session and recital dates.


Please make tuition with cash or check at the lesson. If you wish to have a semi-private lesson with another student, please add $20. Students must be enrolled and attending a class at the time of the lesson to qualify for the "Currently Enrolled Group Student" rate.

Regular Rate

40 Minute Lesson, $65
50 Minute Lesson, $75
60 Minute Lesson, $85

Currently Enrolled Group Student

40 Minute Lesson, $50
50 Minute Lesson, $60
60 Minute Lesson, $70