Group Tuition

Remit Tuition & Fees

Tuition and fees may be paid by credit card, online check, or you may bring fees to class as check or cash. If you are renting an instrument, the rental will be due to be renewed or returned no later than your last scheduled class. Fees have two rates dependent on how you wish to remit payments. The first figure is the cash / check / venmo rate, and the second figure is the online check / credit card rate.

Group Tuition Remainder

$160 / $168*

Full Tuition

$300 / $308*

Venmo Payments

Students wishing to remit any payment via Venmo may do so to "stringschool" with no added processing fee.

Loaner Violin, 2 Months


Loaner Violin, 1 Month


Violin Purchase

Students wishing to purchase an instrument that is on loan may use 2/3rds of all rental payments as credit towards the total cost of $300.